Welcome to The Palm Boutique!

At the Golden Area of Phnom Penh historic district, The Palm Boutique Hotel & Residence brings the fresh feeling in tune with this vibrant, rapidly growing Asian city.

providing the greatest moments in our guests' journey.

Presentation of Khmer heritage in our city, with its team, setup, lodging, and dining and Venue options leaves memorable experience.

Ensure that we contribute to making our guests' journey an exceptional one, while supporting cultural life and environmental progress.

Become the first choice for Phnom Penh visitors willing to stay in a place with character and affordable Boutique.

Palm (Tnout) is a well-known natural tree recognized globally towards its vast benefits. According to its marvelous values, we have come up our gorgeous gigantic boutique styled hotel to fulfill your desire and preference while you visit in Phnom Penh city in our Kingdom of Wonder with a unique palm style design and decoration. 

The Hotel and Residence was completed in 2015 following two years of careful restoration under the supervision of khmer Architects to return it to its former, characteristic Khmer design. This is definitely a testimony that the preservation of Cambodia’s architectural heritage may offer a sustainable economic model.

Inspired by these architectural and cultural roots, The PALM has naturally evolved into a special venue for the Business. Since its opening, we have hosted over ten exhibitions and many fashion shows, conferences or public events.